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Worldwide Distributors

Discover a World of Dental Innovation
with GDT Dental Implants!

Forge a global alliance with us as we expand our transformative dentistry reach.

In just a few years, we've evolved from a local company to a global force in over 40 countries. Distributors play a pivotal role, gaining access to precision products for implantology practices.

Benefits in Becoming a GDT Dental Implants Distributor:

Partnering with GDT Dental Implants means unlocking more than products – it's a commitment to quality dentistry and a community reshaping global oral health.

Enjoy high market potential and capitalize on excellence in customer service and satisfaction. Ready to redefine dentistry? Join the GDT family, and together, let's create smiles that transcend borders.

Prerequisites to Become a GDT Dental Implants Distributor:


The distributor must have a substantial background knowledge in the field of dental implants, prosthetics parts, and all various associated products of implamantology


The distributor must know his market,

he must be proficient in market analysis, targeting and distribution in his domestic market


A minimum yearly purchase agreement will be agreed upon in accordance with a cooperative business plan between GDT Dental Implants and the distributor

If you are interested, fill the contact information below

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