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About Us

Dental technologies are ever-evolving, continuously renewing day by day,

as each development refines the performance and results dentists and clinics can

achieve in patient care.

In the ongoing commitment to ensuring the highest standard of dental treatment,

the choice of the right provider and manufacturer becomes pivotal, making a world of difference in crafting the perfect smile.

Refining Oral Implantology
to Perfection

GDT Dental Implants leads the way in oral implantology, dedicated to empowering dentists and clinics globally with advanced solutions.

Our high-standard products, crafted under meticulous production supervision, ensure outstanding clinical results, setting the bar for precision and excellence from concept to packaging.

Rooted in Israel, GDT Dental Implants envisions a global impact in dental care.

Our comprehensive catalog caters to diverse needs, emphasizing efficiency and excellence.

With a commitment to providing the best care, GDT Dental Implants is more than a provider; we are a partner in the journey towards achieving smiles that reflect both precision and perfection.

GDT dental implant inspection
Candy Cotton

Your Guarantor of Implant Excellence

GDT Dental Implants has cultivated a strong global network, solidifying our brand as a trusted symbol of reliability.

Our dedication to quality, reliability, and innovative manufacturing allows us to provide dental solutions that excel, ensuring satisfaction for clients and distributors alike.

With unwavering confidence in our products, we proudly offer a lifetime warranty on all our implants


Our skilled production team, including highly qualified engineers and certified technicians, utilizes state-of-the-art CNC bar lathes.
Equipped with dynamic tool correction, our advanced machinery guarantees exceptional precision with tolerances as tight as ± 0.001 mm (1 micron)

Cost-Effective Solutions

We firmly believe that a well-developed product can be both good and affordable without compromising quality.

With cost-effectiveness in mind, we design our products to ensure that all the benefits expected by dental clinics from the perfect implant are accessible to our distributors

Doctors Recommend

Evelyn - Dental Veneers feedback


Evelyn - Dental Veneers

Dr. Jacques Kohanzadeh feedback


Dr. Jacques Kohanzadeh

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Dr. Saverio

At GDT Implants, we are grateful for the trust our customers have placed in us and the valuable feedback they have provided.
We are proud to be a part of helping people achieve healthy and beautiful smiles.

To hear more about our customers' experiences, please visit our testimonials page

GDT Dental Implants - Israel’s Exporter of the Year 2022

In acknowledgment of our outstanding customer service, efficient same-day-dispatch shipment service, and unwavering commitment to delivering the highest quality products in the field of dental implantology, GDT Dental Implants is proud to have received the Exporter of the Year award for 2022. Upholding our enduring commitment to quality and innovation, GDT Dental Implants consistently strives to surpass expectations and provide optimal solutions for our valued customers.
Whether you're a dental professional searching for the latest products or a patient in pursuit of exceptional care, GDT Dental Implants will be looking forward to providing its contribution to your success in the dental industry.

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