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New and improved dental technologies are developed by the day – enabling leading dental clinics to achieve the highest performance and results and to provide their patients with the best dental care available.
In this ongoing effort to ensure dental treatment of the highest standard, it is the right provider and manufacturer at hand that can make a world of difference.

Strive For Perfection
With GDT Implants

Since its founding, GDT Implants has provided dentists all over the world with the leading solutions in the dental implants industry and allowed thousands of patients to regain their smiles.
With the best manufacturing practices in the dental implants market, relying on systematic quality control, and abiding by the strictest standards, we help dentists to perform complex procedures with unprecedented ease – and to provide their patients with optimal conditions for successful dental procedures.
All of our products are manufactured under ISO 13485:2003 and ISO 9001:2008 standards – and are CE marked and FDA approved.
It is our commitment to uncompromising quality that drives our success – while pushing us forward and powering our constant strive for innovation.
In this ongoing effort to ensure dental treatment of the highest standard, it is the right provider and manufacturer at hand that can make a world of difference.

Candy Cotton

A Dental Implants Brand You Can Trust

Thanks to the superiority of our manufacturing processes, we at GDT Implants have assembled a strong network of business relationships around the world – that helped us build our reputation as a trusted and reliable brand.
By focusing our efforts on the quality, reliability, and innovative manufacturing of our dental products, we are able to provide our clients and resellers with solutions that excel in all aspects.
Our confidence in our products empowers us to provide a lifetime warranty for all our implants.

We take pride in our products and put in all the effort, time, and resources needed to ensure their quality. As part of this constant effort for perfection, we utilize cutting-edge technologies and equipment that allow us to create a more useful and accurate implant that will improve the quality of life for thousands of patients around the world.
To start supplying our implants to your customers, contact us right now.

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Leading Innovation in The Dental Implants Industry

We believe that a good and well-developed product can be affordable without compromising its quality.

Therefore, we design our products with cost-effectiveness in mind – to make all the benefits that dental clinics expect from the perfect implant – available to our resellers.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Doctors Recommend

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Dr. Saverio

At GDT Implants, we are grateful for the trust our customers have placed in us and the valuable feedback they have provided.
We are proud to be a part of helping people achieve healthy and beautiful smiles.


To hear more about our customers' experiences, please visit our testimonials page

GDT Implants - The Exporter of the Year 2022

GDT Implants - The Exporter of the Year 2022 in Israel - providing the best customer service in the industry. As a leading provider of dental products and services, GDT Implants has earned a reputation for excellence in customer satisfaction. With a commitment to quality and innovation, the company consistently strives to exceed expectations and deliver the best solutions for its customers. Whether you are a dental professional looking for the latest products or a patient seeking top-notch care, GDT Implants is your partner for success in the dental industry.

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