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Doctors Recommend: Dr. Daniel Shtern from New Jersey, USA

Meet Dr. Daniel Shtern from New Jersey, United States, a dedicated doctor in the field of dental implantology, His recommendation is GDT CON Conical Dental Implants.

Dr. Shtern recommends the use of GDT CON Implants, highlighting their superior Conical Connection as among the industry's best.

He appreciates not only the implants but also the comprehensive range of surgical instruments, membranes, and surgical implantation kits offered, finding them indispensable in his practice. With years of experience utilizing GDT products, Dr. Stern attests to their exceptional quality and reliability. He notes the competitive pricing and exceptional customer service provided by GDT, expressing his high regard for the company's commitment to supporting dental professionals.

"Reach out to them and they'll take care of you the best" - Dr. Daniel Shtern


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