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GDT Dental Implants at Expodental Meeting 2024

GDT Dental Implants is thrilled to announce our participation in Expodental 2024 in Rimini, an esteemed event with a rich history of dental innovation and a key meeting point for dental professionals worldwide.

We're excited to showcase our latest innovations in dental implantology, where our commitment to excellence manifests within our comprehensive range of dental implants and prosthetic solutions, designed to meet the ever-evolving nature of the dental market.

GDT Dental Implants embraces Expodental 2024 as a fantastic opportunity to reinforce existing connections, and establish new collaborations, within the Italian market and extending our outreach across the European Union as a whole. We are eager to meet face to face with industry leaders and key players of the Italian Dental & Community, as we seek to engage with distributors, explore potential partnerships, and exchange ideas with dental professionals.

Join us at Expodental 2024 to explore how GDT Dental Implants is crafting its way towards perfecting smiles across the globe.

Ci vediamo a Rimini!

GDT Dental Implants will attend at the upcoming Expodental Meeting 2024, in R


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