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Unboxing GDT BioMembrane - Resorbable Collagen Membrane

The GDT BioMembrane is an up-and-coming leading solution in the field of dental implantology as a unique resorbable collagen membrane, crafted from highly purified bovine atelocollagen type I.

A reliable biodegradable barrier for a wide range of osseous regenerative indications, it's specifically intended for use during GBR (Guided Bone Regeneration) and GTR (Guided Tissue Regeneration) processes by meeting all four core requirements:

  • Exclusion of unwanted cells and tissues

  • Creation and maintenance of space

  • Protection of the wound

  • Stabilization of the underlying blood clot

Composition and Features

  • Composed of non-cross-linked collagen, mimicking the natural bone structure and promoting guided bone regeneration

  • Apyrogenic and sterile, readily integrating with surrounding tissues for seamless healing

  • Fully resorbable within 4-5 months, leaving behind no fibrous remnants

  • Biocompatible, minimizing foreign body reactions and promoting tissue acceptance

Clinical Applications

  • GDT BioMembrane's versatility make it suitable for various bone and soft tissue defect reconstructions in implantology, including implant site preparation and defect filling

  • Guided bone regeneration (GBR) procedures

  • Sinus lift augmentations

  • Cystectomy and root apex resection aftercare

  • Closure of perforations in the maxillary sinus or mandibular canal.

  • Stabilizing blood clots after tooth extraction

Features and Advantages

  • The collagen structure encourages bone growth while preventing unwanted epithelial cell migration, creating an optimal environment for osseointegration

  • Ease of handling and trimming allows for precise adaptation to diverse defect shapes and sizes

  • Simple suturing protocol and minimal post-operative care requirements streamline the surgical workflow for both the clinician and patient

  • Faster healing and reduced patient discomfort due to the biocompatible nature and gradual resorption of the membrane

Product Constraints:

  • As with any biomaterial, individual patient variability and potential for adverse reactions must be considered.

  • The choice of GDT BioMembrane should be based on the specific indication and individual patient factors, alongside the clinician's expertise and judgment.

The GDT BioMembrane presents a promising addition to the armamentarium of dental implant surgeons and oral surgeons.

Its collagen-based composition, resorbable nature, and diverse applications offer potential benefits for bone regeneration and surgical workflow optimization.

Order GDT BioMembrane - resorbable collagen membrane today!


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