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Orthodontic Micro-Implants (TADs)
Orthodontic Micro-Implants (TADs)

Orthodontic Micro-Implants (TADs)

Orthodontic Micro Implants - Temporary Anchorage Devices (TADs) are also known as mini-screws and are used to facilitate the movement of teeth through what is called skeletal Anchorage.
TAD Appliances are placed directly into the jaw bone then teeth are pulled towards the TAD via elastic or spring Traction.

Size Range
  • Type: Orthodontic Micro-Implants (TADs)

  • Implant Diameter: Ø1.5mm

  • Implant Neck: 1.0mm, 2.0mm

  • Implant Length: 6.0mm, 8.0mm, 10.0mm, 12.0mm and 14.0mm

  • Condition: Sterile Blister

  • Material: Titanium grade 5 (TI-6AL-4V ELI)

  • Certificates: CE Approved, ISO (9001:2008), MEDICAL ISO (13485:2003)

  • Country of Manufacture: Israel


  • Head rounded for patient comfort.

  • Channel anchor 0.5mm, the appropriate wires, eyelets, and elastic in a chain.

  • Hole 0.8mm (suitable for wire up to .021 "x.025") in a hex, especially for scaling application of orthodontic accessories.

  • Transmucosal section with perfect adaptation to tissue and peri-implant soft tissues.

  • The active point with a self-piercing tip profile is specially designed to offer stability secure fit in bone texture and resistance to applications of immediate orthodontic loads.

  • Absolute anchorage helps in a large variety and complex cases.

Orthodontic Micro-Implants (TADs)

Ортодонтические микроимплантаты (TAD)

Ортодонтические микроимплантаты - временные фиксаторы (TAD), также известные как мини-винты, используются для облегчения перемещения зубов через так называемую скелетную опору.
Аппараты TAD помещаются непосредственно в кость челюсти, после чего зубы подтягиваются к TAD с помощью эластичной или пружинной тяги.

Orthodontic Micro-Implants (TADs)
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