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Clinical Case: 8 GDT Dental Implants Oral Surgery

New perfect smile by Dr. Jadranko Jerkovic.

This clinical case has been conducted

by Dr. Jadranko Jerkovic.

Jadranko Jerković DMD, Dentist from Croatia.

Graduated from Dental school at the University of Sarajevo 1987 as a student of the generation.

Recommended by the American embassy in Croatia as one of 65 excellent dentists.

  • Practising from 1990.

  • Owns a private practice since 1995.

    • Oral surgery experience since 1990

    • implantology experience since 2000.


The patient, a 72 year old woman, reported to the clinic with excessive tooth movement.

After inspection by Dr. Jardanko Jerkovic with an Orthopan, and after designating a treatment plan approved by the patient, the targeted teeth were extracted, milled, and prepared with the Comet method for autoaugmentation.

During the treatment, the alveoles are cleaned and augmented, as Pterygoid and Maxillary Implantation at an angle was done to avoid the maxillary sinus.

An impression was taken using GDT transfer coping and temporary teeth were made on the same day. 

Following up on the procedure, inspections were conducted in the following six months, finalized with definitive work by the end of that time period.

In the lower jaw, a two-phase GDT Dental Implants oral implantation surgery was performed, as definitive work was conducted in three months after the first procedure.

Xray dental teeth photograph, with bone defects

dental teeth x-ray with colored lines explaining defects

black and white dental x-ray image

dental x-ray photo of restored teeth after implantation

teeth impression with GDT impression transfer copings

perfect smile denture

perfect denture places inside patients' mouth

lower jaw dentures placed

Final Result

final result of a successful dental clinical case


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