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Clinical Case: Full-Arch Rehabilitation using GDT Multi-unit abutments

The clinical case presented involves the restoration of full arches in both the maxillary and mandibular regions using zirconia hybrids and GDT Multi-unit abutments. The patient, a 58-year-old male, required comprehensive rehabilitation due to extensive dental wear and the consequent loss of dentition function and aesthetics. The objective was to restore the functionality of his teeth, enhance esthetic appearance, and ensure long-term oral health stability.

X-ray image of the dental implants and GDT Multi-unit Abutments in the Patients maouth, after the surgery and screw-retained overdenture abutments placement

By Dr. Bill Anderson DDS from the United States.

Dental Implant Specialist, ABOI Diplomate.

March 2024.

Treatment Plan and Procedure:

The treatment plan was designed to incorporate GDT Dental Implants' Multi-unit abutments for the foundational support of the zirconia hybrid prostheses. The procedure was divided into several stages, outlined as follows:

1. Initial Consultation and Planning: Detailed examination and digital imaging were employed to assess the patient's oral health status and plan the implant placement strategy.

2. Implant Placement: Dental implants were surgically placed in both the maxillary and mandibular arches at strategic locations to ensure optimal support for the hybrid prostheses. The surgical sites were prepared to accommodate the implants, with careful consideration for bone density and implant alignment.

3. Abutment Attachment: After a healing period allowing for osseointegration, the GDT Straight Multi-Unit Abutments and GDT Angulated Multi-Unit Abutments 30˚ Degree were attached to the implants. These GDT products were chosen for their high quality, precision, and compatibility with the overall restoration plan. The straight abutments were used in areas with direct implant access, while the angulated abutments were utilized to correct angulation discrepancies in more challenging areas, ensuring a seamless fit for the zirconia hybrids.

GDT Dental Implants' Multi-unit abutments

4. Zirconia Hybrid Fabrication and Fitment: The zirconia hybrid prostheses were custom-fabricated to match the patient's dental anatomy, aesthetic requirements, and bite alignment.

Zirconia Hybrid prosthesis of the patient, perfect fit with GDT Multi0unit Abutments

5. Final Adjustments and Follow-Up: Once the zirconia hybrids were securely attached to the abutments, final adjustments were made to optimize bite function and aesthetic appearance. The patient underwent follow-up visits to monitor the adaptation to the new prostheses and ensure the health of the implant sites.


The use of GDT Dental Implants' products played a crucial role in the success of this complex full-arch rehabilitation case. The patient reported significant improvement in chewing efficiency, comfort, and self-confidence with the new zirconia hybrid prostheses. The aesthetic outcomes were remarkable, with the prostheses seamlessly blending with the natural oral environment, restoring the patient's smile and facial harmony.

Conclusion on usage of GDT Multi-unit abutments in a clinical case:

This clinical case demonstrates the effective integration of advanced dental implant products, like those from GDT Dental Implants, in achieving functional and aesthetic excellence in full-arch restorations. The successful implementation of the treatment plan underscores the importance of selecting high-quality components in complex rehabilitative dental procedures.


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