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Unboxing GDT Non-sterile Hemosponge - Hemostatic Gelatin Sponge

This GDT Hemosponge is a non-sterile, hemostatic sponge made from absorbable gelatin (hydrolyzed collagen) and offers a biocompatible and effective solution for managing blood flow in various dental situations.

Hemostatic Gelatin Sponge: controlling bleeding and promoting healing

The GDT Hemosponge boasts unique qualities that make it a valuable addition to your toolkit:

  • No excess bleeding. This sponge soaks up 40 times its weight in liquid, ensuring efficient blood control and wound drainage.

  • Formulated with biocompatible hydrolyzed collagen (gelatin), this Hemosponge is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and provokes no immune reactions, making it safe for diverse patients.

  • Dry or moistened, the sponge adapts to different procedure requirements and your personal preferences.

  • The compact size (10mm x 10mm x 10mm) and absorbent structure of the henosponge facilitate easy placement and effective contact with bleeding tissues.

Witness the GDT Non-sterile Hemosponge in Action

Get a closer look at this innovative sponge through our official unboxing video. See its practical size, simple packaging, and user-friendly design firsthand.

Efficient Healing

Beyond hemorrhage control, the GDT Non-sterile Hemosponge offers additional benefits:

  • Promotes Healing: The porous structure not only absorbs blood but also wound secretions, creating a favorable environment for natural tissue regeneration.

  • Complete Disappearance: No need for removal! The sponge absorbs completely within 3 weeks, aligning with the natural healing process and minimizing patient discomfort.

  • Cost-Effective Convenience: This pack of 50 sponges provides excellent value and ensures you're always prepared for bleeding control needs


The GDT Non-sterile Hemosponge represents a significant advancement in non-sterile hemostasis for dental procedures.

Its versatility, effectiveness, and biocompatibility make it a must-have for any dental clinic.

Experience the difference for yourself!


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